Press Release
National Conciliation and Mediation Board
Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch III
26 July 2018

San Fernando, Pampanga – The preventive mediation case filed by the Shuredeal Manufacturing Corporation Workers Union against Shuredeal Manufacturing Corporation was settled harmoniously and swiftly in its initial conciliation-mediation conference through the prompt action of handling Conciliator-Mediator Othello B. Tongio, Jr., Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch III Director Edgar G. Aquino said citing reports.

The union filed the preventive mediation case with the Branch alleging unfair labor practice specifically underpayment of wages, holiday pay, and illegal dismissal on July 6, 2018.

After thorough discussion of the issues raised, management agreed to settle the monetary claims raised by the union including the underpaid wages of affected workers, 13th month pay differential, and separation pay.

Director Aquino acknowledged the efforts of Conciliator-Mediator Tongio for facilitating the settlement on July 09, 2018.

The settlement resulted in the grant of a separation package amounting to Php427,399.00 benefitting 13 workers.

Shuredeal Manufacturing Corporation is engaged in the manufacturing of plastic and plastic products located at Interglobal Buisan, Gate 2, Barangay Bustos, Bulacan. The company employs 60 employees and is represented by Human Resource Manager Eva Semanes.

Shuredeal Manufacturing Corporation Workers Union is a legitimate labor organization representing 14 rank-and-file workers headed by Union President Jonel Abelay and assisted by National Workers Brotherhood Vice-President Alex Eslera.


END/ Ma. Girlie D. Layug