Good News
National Conciliation and Mediation Board
Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch II
19 May 2017

Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch II Director Gil G. Caragayan announced the settlement of the notice of strike filed by the Pun Oh-Ohhaan Hi Kiphudan Organization Employees Union against OceanaGold Phils., Inc. (OGPI) after successful conciliation efforts of the branch.

“Union filed a Notice of Strike on 26 January 2017 alleging bargaining deadlock on economic provisions of the CBA covering the period January 01, 2017 to December 31, 2018,” Caragayan added.

After a series of conciliation conferences, RCMB II Director Susana A. Quimpo was able to trim the issues to the grant of salary increase. The said increase will cover two years grant of wage increase and application of one (1) percent across the board premium on every year of service.

On 06 April 2017, parties amicably agreed to settle the remaining issues following exhaustive conciliation-mediation efforts of director Caragayan.

The forging of agreement of both parties resulted to a CBA package amounting to P65 M for the first two (2) years.

The CBA covers Night Shift Differential Pay, Fixed Overtime, Year-End Bonus, Holiday Pay, Seed Capital for Cooperative, Christmas Gift, Medical Coverage including immediate members of the family, Travel Allowance, and a one-time signing bonus.

Management also agreed to grant the 1% across the board premium on the years of service and annual salary increase for two years.

The CBA will benefit 655 employees of the OceanaGold Phils., Inc.

“I laud and congratulate the parties for their cooperation in forging a mutually beneficial CBA,” Caragayan stated.

The signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement on April 20, 2017 was led by OGPI GM David Way and Union vice president Jariel Sarac in Makati City. It was witnessed by Dir. Caragayan and RCMB2 personnel, Minda B. Tungpalan and Marilou A. Asuncion.

“It is not a hundred victories after a hundred battles that is the hallmark of skill. The acme of skill is to subdue your enemy even without fighting,” Dir. Caragayan said in his message as he encouraged the parties to preserve and foster harmonious relations between them through cooperation and mutual trust.

END/Olisen L. Dizon