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National Conciliation and Mediation Board
Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch IVA
17 July 2018

CALAMBA CITY- “Setting and knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve is the key,” LAMON Bay Furniture Corp. President Lino Desembrana said during the conclusion of the first Collective Bargaining Agreement between management and its union.

Negotiations at the plant level of both economic and non-economic have reached an impasse that the union filed a Notice of Strike with Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch IVA on June 19, 2018.

The Union alleged bad faith in negotiations during the initial conference on June 29, 2018

“The bargaining impasse between parties have cause workers to slow down production, causing a rift between the parties,” RCMB Officer-in-Charge Cynthia C. Foncardas said citing reports from Conciliator-Mediator Ma. Delia Yu.

Con-Med Yu’s efficient conciliation effort helped dissipate the brewing tension between parties by rebuilding the thrust of the parties in the negotiation process, ultimately averting a possible strike from paralyzing company operations.

For talks to push forward, union agreed to refrain from any concerted actions while conciliation-mediation conferences are on-going.

“We urged parties to be open, transparent, flexible, and realistic in their respective offers,” Foncardas said.

“Through the branch’s encouragement, the parties were determined to settle the deadlock in the shortest time possible,” she added

Through exhaustive efforts of both parties and handling conciliator-mediator, parties concluded negotiations and signed their first CBA on July 10, 2018.

As a sign of good gesture, union committed to refrain from any concerted actions while the negotiation was going on at RCMB IVA. The desire of both parties for early settlement prevailed, trading off variables that give complexities of the process to finally bring the parties to conclude their maiden CBA on July 10, 2018.

The parties agreed on a 3-year wage increase and “Early Retirement Plan” for an employee who will reach the age of 45 years old with 10 years loyalty service to the company.

Parties further agreed on other benefits such as May 1st fund, signing bonus, and loyalty award.

The total CBA package is estimated at P1,908,767.20, benefitting 52 employees.

The CBA shall take effect on July 10, 2018 to July 09, 2023.

OIC Foncardas commended the management and union of LAMON Bay Furniture Corporation for the conclusion of the CBA.

“This is just a beginning of your higher responsibility as social partners and you will still have another to look up after 3 years,” she added.

LAMON Bay Furniture Corp. is engaged in furniture making and sales with Japan as their main customer. It is located at B1, L1, People’s Technology Complex (PTC), Brgy. Cabilang, Baybay, Carmona, Cavite. The company is represented by the President/Owner, Mr. Lino Desembrana, a Filipino national.

Nagkakaisang Manggagawa Ng Lamon Bay Furniture Corp. is the recognized bargaining agent of the employees of LAMON Bay Furniture Corp. It has a total of 39 union members and is affiliated with Buklod ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) represented by the National President, Mr. Dominador Mole.