Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc., (TADECO) successfully established two Labor Management Committees (LMCs) through an advocacy program that started with the Productivity and Innovation in Labor Management training at the Nanyang Polytechnic International (NYP), an agenda initiated by the Department of Labor and Employment through the National Conciliation and Mediation Board in partnership with Temasek Foundation International and Nanyang Polytechnic International.

TADECO participated in two of the six schedules of the said training in Singapore with a representative each at the Managers’ Program and the Specialists’ program.

In a report sent by TADECO to NCMB, the company started its advocacy program during the second semester of 2016 through a presentation of LMC principles and guidelines to its affiliate companies.

Among the projects implemented by TADECO is the establishment of bipartite partnership between labor and management in its affiliate companies or Advocate Labour-Management Cooperation, the adaptation of the TADECO Bananero Family Circle by affiliate companies, and strengthening of Family Welfare Program Advocacy.
The successful establishment of the LMC produced positive change within the workplace through monthly meetings that helped explore programs and policies promoting cooperation and productivity. The LMC also became a tool in establishing and strengthening safety policies for the welfare and mutual benefit of the workers and company.

The Productivity and Innovation in Labor Management training is the third phase of the productivity agenda of the Department of Labor and Employment. The training in Labor management looks into labor-management relations practices to promote harmonious workplace relations environment as a necessary tool to implement positive change at the enterprise level.