In a report submitted to the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, the Dole Philippines, Inc. (Dole Phil) boasted 5S Gold Star Certification in Industrial Relations areas through heightened bipartite cooperation that started with the Productivity and Innovation in Labor Management training at the Nanyang Polytechnic International (NYP), an agenda initiated by the Department of Labor and Employment through the National Conciliation and Mediation Board in partnership with Temasek Foundation International and Nanyang Polytechnic International.

The Dole Phil, through its training participants, implemented a series of projects that aimed to enhance employee engagement and outputs through productivity improvement, various rewards program, and innovative practices.
Dole Phil participated in three of the six schedules of the said training in Singapore with a representative at the Managers’ Program and three for the Specialists’ program.
A notable program implemented by the Dole Phil is the Dole Gawad Pag-ibig Housing Program (DGP), a socialized housing program initiated in partnership with the three labor unions of the company. The implementation of the DGP saw a significant 15% drop in disciplinary actions and improvement in work attendance in the workplace. The management also observed high employee morale, participation rate and engagement in company events.
The Productivity and Innovation in Labour Management training for the Philippines aims to promote harmonious workplace relations by guiding experts and advocates in formulating productivity initiatives and gainsharing schemes to complement existing LMCs as well as collective bargaining negotiations. The training received a generous contribution through the Temasek Foundation International an investment company headquartered in Singapore.