Department of Labor and Employment
As of 05 June 2017


Voluntary Arbitration Division

Labor and Employment Officer III: SG-16; Item No. NCMBB-LEO3-1-1998; Bachelor’s degree; 1 year of relevant experience; 4 hours of relevant training; Career Service Professional/Second Level Eligibility    Filled-up

Financial and Management Division

Accountant III: SG 19; Item No. NCMBB-A3-1-1998; Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/Business Administration major in Accounting; 2 years of relevant experience; 8 hours of relevant training; R.A. 1080 (Certified Public Accountant).    Filled-up

Interested qualified applicants who at least meet the minimum requirements of the above vacant position are advised to submit not later than 23 June 2017 their application letter to Executive Director IV Shirley M. Pascual, 4th Floor, Arcadia Building, 860 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. The application shall be accompanied by two (2) sets of the following supporting documents:

1. Updated Personal Data Sheet (PDS) or CSC Form 212, Revised 2017 (Downloadable from CSC website and NCMB website; please refer to CSC MC No. 12 s. 2017 / the guide in filing up the PDS)

2. Copies of Training Certificates (NOTE: Original Copy to be shown)

3. Transcript of Scholastic Records and Diploma (certified true copy by the school)

4. Updated Service Records for existing government employee, and/or Certificates of Employment for non-government applicants

5. Certificate of Civil Service Eligibility/ Bar / Board ratings / results duly authenticated by the Civil Service Commission, and the appropriate agency attaching the original copy of the receipt.

6. Copies of Performance Evaluation Ratings for the last two (2) rating periods or depending on the length of work experience required;

7. Certification (to be issued by the present employer) as to the Number of Absences Incurred on Account of Illness during the last six (6) months prior to the application for the subject position, if employed.

8. Statement of Actual Duties and Responsibilities on the current and previous positions held, duly certified by the immediate superiors.

9. Proof/s of Awards Received, if any.

It is likewise reiterated that only those who are included in the shortlist of candidates for consideration by the appointing authority shall submit clearances being required in support of applications.

Applications received after the deadline, or those with incomplete documents, shall not be included in the selection for this batch.

For details, please contact Tel. No. (02) 332-4180 or visit


This is to certify that these job vacancies have been posted in the Board Website on 05 June 2017 pursuant to CSC Memorandum Circular No. 16, s. 2005 on the Publication of Vacant Positions in Government.

OIC-Chief, Administrative Division